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US: Could guava be the next staple tropical fruit?

Publication date: Jan 27, 2016. by Marc Holbik

With high vitamin C content and bright flavors, tropical fruits can bring a healthy burst of the exotic to the mid-winter months. But for Marc Holbik and the team at Ecoripe in Florida, guava looks poised to become more than just a special delicacy in cooler climates.More

Avocado tree-destroying pathogen now in 61 of 67 Florida counties

Publication date: May 5, 2016. by Brad Buck

A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences tropical fruit expert is doing his best to help commercial and residential avocado tree owners battle the dangerous laurel wilt pathogen. With 12,000 commercial avocado trees already destroyed by laurel wilt.More

Oriental fruit fly causes $4 million in Florida crop damage

Publication date: June 7, 2016. by Doug Ohlemeier

South Florida growers suffered at least $4.1 million in crop damages after last fall's oriental fruit fly outbreak. The damage to Miami-Dade County crops, however, could have been far worse according to researchers at the Gainesville-based University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.More

Tax helps Florida growers

Publication date: August 16, 2016. by Jack Payne

Every time public scientists seek solutions to the challenges faced by Florida growers, they wear down buildings and equipment, run up utility bills, and come across a mountain of reporting paperwork. Those hidden expenses not directly related to lab or greenhouse work but necessary to it, are called indirect costs, or IDCs.More


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